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Executive Search @ the Leadership Level

Our mission is to help you hire great people.

We help decision-making Executives who are determined to hire the best people working at the leadership level.

Clients want to cut recruiting costs, reduce the risk of a bad hire, and don’t have the time, process or resources to find or recruit executive level leaders.

As you can see from all the resources we offer, zenPeak is committed to helping all job seekers find work.

Our Recruiting Team… smart and they work hard.


The zenPeak high value and up-front system works!

  1. We are focused on “hidden” senior-level Candidates; actively employed, but open to opportunities to advance or fulfill personal goals.
  2. We do more up-front work : before your first face to face with the best Candidates
  3. Our pricing model saves Clients $ : lower cost & lower risk
  4. We focus on the capabilities of the Candidate to significantly grow your business
  5. We discover the real person behind the resume by doing reference interviews & EQ assessments
  6. We determine Candidate competency : their ability to apply their transferable skills and experience to your business.
  7. We are strict about Candidate compliance and integrity in the recruitment process.

Letter from a Happy Client

Get Working NOW! the zenPeak Blog

“I recently saw that people are asking for good recruiters/resume experts to help them I met with Frank Abrams, a recruiter in Toronto, and he gave me really, really good advice. He really knew what he was talking about and he’s got a lot of great contacts. I came away from the appointment feeling great and confident that I’ll find a job soon…I was really impressed, so I hope you guys will be too!” EH

“Hidden” Candidates @ the Leadership Level:

  • Senior Sales, Sales Management, Base + Commission
  • Marketing
  • Finance, Accounting & Administration
  • Retail
  • Logistics, Supply Chain, Operations, Transportation
  • Senior-level Property Management, Real Estate

  • Executive Management
  • Financial Services; Insurance, Investments, Trading, Brokerage, Mortgages
  • Consulting
  • Technology
  • New Economy: Internet Marketing, SEO, Social Networks, Media, New Media, Mobile
  • Software Application Design & Development

A short video on the zenPeak “Better Way”
A short video on the zenPeak “Better Way”

We are certified in EQ : the zeroriskHR hiring system.

The zenPeak system uses testing and assessments based on EQ and the science of axiology, to identify senior-level Candidates who are most likely to sustain working at peak levels. Our services are a legally compliant approach to Candidate selection.