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16 mobile apps for Job Seekers

What’s on the list? 16 mobile apps including zenPeak’s Job ALERTs solution


Some of these apps, such as Indeed and others, scrape and collect job opportunities from all over the Internet and then publish them. Others, such as zipRecruiter, republish job postings on to multiple websites.

LinkedIn combines their own paid job postings, with scraped job opportunities from the Internet. Other apps are beta experiments of technology; trying out swiping or social features, with a limited number of test opportunities, from a few companies.

How is our mobile app different?

  1. We feature only local Toronto GTA jobs – What’s the point of looking at jobs in Hawaii?! (although it’s a nice thought)
  2. They are full-time and salaried jobs – we don’t post pure commission jobs
  3. Many of the jobs are “hidden” – they are not posted on other job boards – this means you have a better chance of getting noticed!
  4. We use tags instead of drop down menus – we match you with job ALERTs; its faster and easier
  5. We are a combination of automation and programmed operations, as well as daily human curation and administration; this is the optimal approach to insure high quality.

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The point of view of the Job Seeker will determine which mobile app makes sense. If you are looking in Toronto GTA then by all means try out zenPeak Job Alerts. If you want opinions on companies and interview experiences posted by job Seekers, then try out glassdoor (although there is not much data for Canada or Toronto).


The zenPeak Job ALERTs apps are available for download on Googleplay and the App Store here:
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