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Are you ready to tell your story?

A big challenge in being considered for a new job, is just getting noticed. How do you stand out when there are so many applications and resumes chasing good opportunities?

Tell Your Story.

(1) Use a standard “success story” structure customized to every opportunity 3 or 4 sentences in total making up a short paragraph. A few paragraphs will add up & now its easy for you to Tell Your Story!

Pretend its a TV Guide description of an episode of a tv show or a movie plotline. First, talk about the problem or issue, and the risks or the costs of not doing anything about it. Then, discuss what you did to fix it, and your numeric results, and if you can, some extra information on how you were recognized. If you failed a few times at it, mention that when describing the ultimate success.

(2) Talk about failures and setbacks. It can be a positive! Showcasing how you dealt with, and overcame challenges in the past, as well as providing an indication of your capabilities to manage different work situations and conditions. Showing that you live in the real world, not “la la land” will make a boss comfortable. You should also mention the success that you ultimately delivered!

(3) Everyone has numeric results. You need to communicate numeric results. Ever looked at a food label? numbers. A price list? numbers. Car specifications? numbers. Everyone likes to latch on to numbers to understand something.

The reader of your resume or cover letter, will be able to position you in the “food chain” Are you a senior exec or entry-level or mid-career? As you talk about your story, mention how many people reported to you, or how many months a project took, or the budget for the project, or how much time or money was saved, how many products were shipped or customers served, etc. etc. All numeric results (its not just sales $)

No matter what occupation you are in, you need numeric results high up in you resume so the reader doesn’t have to work hard to figure you out. It’s more important to talk about yourself in terms of What I Can Do For You instead of Everything I Have Done. So your story needs to be framed up in the context of the opportunity and what they need done!

Then the reader is nodding their head up and done, quietly saying “yes, yes, yes” as they read your resume,  learning about you, getting excited about you, and thinking…  this is exactly the kind of person we need!


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Frank Abrams