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Avoid the Crowd

It is not unusual for job seekers to apply to 3 or 4 jobs a day. Some of these jobs, may not be perfect for them, but maybe they think “What have I got to lose?”  Multiply that by perhaps a 1,000 and that will tell you about the volume of resumes arriving at the computer of the hiring team, while the position is posted. That is a lot of competition!

That’s not a selective way of looking for work, and it causes you problems.

The first problem is you can’t properly research the company and the opportunity.

Second, you don’t have time to customize your resume to showcase how perfect you are for the job.

Third – how can you follow up to 100 job applications a month?


Don’t forget, the objective of sending in a resume is to capture the attention and interest of the Hiring Manager  and to get a telephone or face to face interview.  Follow up is critical! (everyone discourages phone calls but that isn’t going to frighten you is it? I’m sure the company wants to hire go-getters; people excited about the job opportunity!)

A good follow up strategy, is to call the company and ask if they received your resume,  and be ready to answer any questions that you get. You might just get lucky  & call at the right time on the right day.  If you apply to a lot of highly exposed jobs… can you make follow up calls 100 times a month and remember everything you need to? No way – because you didn’t do the research to begin with.

Following the crowd on to Indeed, workopolis or monster, and applying to a lot of positions isn’t as good as being focused on your network and hidden jobs.

Research, customize the resume, and follow up!

Give the job ALERTs a try and make it part of your success strategy!

EXTRA THOUGHTS – zenPeak is an executive search firm that is radically different. We are here to help Clients and Candidates in a transparent and direct way.  The fact is, some strategies are better than others, when it comes to recruiting an executive. The same applies to job seekers – some efforts are smarter and give you a better shot at success. When we designed the job ALERTs, we didn’t think as recruiters, we thought as job seekers. Our efforts have been to post up local, “hidden” jobs every business day.





Frank Abrams