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Can you “re-invent” yourself?

Let’s say you have been in the buggy whip business for 20 years, and all you see around you, all day long, are cars “whizzing” by at 15 kmh.

You can’t see, or smell a horse anywhere.  The thought comes to mind that maybe its time to do something else, since no one is buying buggy whips anymore.

Can you “re-invent” yourself? How would you do that?

By “re-invent” you probably mean find a way to get out of the business and do something new.

First question… does this mean get into the car business? or use the skills and experience from making buggy whips to perhaps making something similar, such as belts?

If you were in the sales end of the old business, then maybe sales in the car business has a bright future, if you can address the transportation needs of customers. If you were in the manufacturing side, then making belts might be the answer.

If your plan was to write up a resume to help get an interview for a job, either sales or manufacturing, will it help if the resume describes absolutely everything I have done in the buggy whip business? Or, would it be a better idea to describe what I can do for you when reaching out to a potential employer.

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Whether selling cars or making belts, a future employer can best understand you quickly, by knowing what you can do for them, based on what they need vs. hearing about everything you have done in the past.

Yes! you can re-invent yourself in the occupational sense – You are still you, but you have transferable skills for the next position. You will need good marketing materials (resume) to showcase… What I Can Do For You

Frank Abrams