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Matchmaker Matchmaker

For many of us in western society, the idea of meeting your spouse on your wedding day is ridiculous (and very frightening). Maybe the fear is strongest when your Mother or Father is the one setting up the love connection. Many traditional societies recognized the downside of having Mom and Dad setup the marriage so they use “professional” matchmakers who are experienced at making an unbiased assessment of two people, to raise the potential for a happy couple.

Can you imagine this working if the matchmaker never met, knew and interviewed both parties!? After the man and woman meet and begin a courtship, or see each other for the first time on their wedding day, the matchmaker’s job is done.

Doing the upfront work and research at modern day matchmakers like eHarmony and is the central part of their business. So… when it comes to hiring people, if you are not hiring yourself, and you are relying on the experience of a Recruiter, why choose one who doesn’t do the work up front when it counts?!

A Recruiter that doesn’t do the work up front (research, interviews, testing, reference interviews), and just fires off a resume to a Client wouldn’t last very long in the matchmaking business!

The zenPeak system makes a difference

How does the up-front & high-value zenPeak system ensure that the Candidate will succeed in their new job at a Client company?

Candidates use (numeric) results-oriented functional style resumes that showcase “What They Can Do for You”. We remove soft language and showcase their transferable skills and experience.  This makes your evaluation of Candidates easier, as you don’t have to work hard to figure the Candidate out, and each resume looks similar in structure.

The interview process begins with the very first contact and includes motivation, compliance, attitude and a host of other factors that contribute to peak performance. In addition, the interview coaching we do, carries expectations and standards that we expect for interactions with our Clients; smart Candidates learn from this and apply it in their career management.

How do we make sure they will work well in the organization, matching the management and operational style of the Client company?

Our testing and assessment is based on the science of axiology, and was selected as the best system to determine integrity, trust and workplace peak performance. Each role has a benchmark score that helps us determine if the Candidate will be low risk, or not. The zeroriskHR assessment also identifies if a Candidate will likely be great in the job, but may not be the best at selling themselves in the initial interview. This is how the testing helps the Candidate even though they don’t see the results.

… and there is lots more; from reference interviews usually delivered before the first face to face with the Client, easy to understand profiles and success stories designed for time-constrained Decision-Makers like you.

Find out how the zenPeak system can save you a lot of money on recruiting costs and help you build a better organization with peak performers.  Call the CEO Frank Abrams at 416 733-3001

Why do some people not like the idea of a sales job?

Fear, misunderstanding, laziness,ego/status perceptions.

  • fear: not being a good salesperson
  • misunderstanding: thinking every sales role is the same
  • laziness: really don’t want to work hard
  • ego/status perceptions: salespeople have a bad reputation

How about you… Have you ever thought about a SALES job?

Common Answers… “I’m not a salesperson” or… “I don’t like sales”

Are you currently looking for a job?  Frustrated?  Not getting good interviews? Did you know that hundreds and thousands of people compete against each other and apply every single day for every single salaried job,  they never get an interview and they are still unemployed. Did you know many people are under-employed, making less $ than they should based on their efforts, talent, education or experience?

zenPeak has a number of jobs currently available.

We can help you. Even if our Clients don’t offer you a position, you will learn and benefit from our recruitment process. Our process includes interviews, testing, assessments, interview coaching, resume repair and it costs you nothing.

Who is zenPeak?

Our company recruits peak performers for our Clients. We have a system that makes sure a person is right for the position, and that they will perform at a high level.

zenPeak has a number of jobs currently available.

Technology companies
Software companies
Mortgage companies
Financial Planning and Investment companies
Administrative Services companies

Are you ready to TAKE ACTION and get on track to making GOOD MONEY and having REAL SECURITY?  Did you know that the most secure job is always in sales? Top performing salespeople never have to worry about finding a job. We have a number of SALES positions in the GTA and Ontario available NOW for the right person.

Are you ready to work hard and change your life and get real job security!?

Our Clients don’t just hire anyone. Many of these opportunities include base salaries and a guaranteed flow of business. You need to go through our zenPeak recruitment system which is built to recruit peak performers for our Clients.

The good news is that our assessment looks past your resume, and looks at What You Can Do For The Company and for Yourself.

Why do some people not like the idea of sales?

  1. They are lazy and they don’t want to work any harder than they have to once they get a job – please please look elsewhere
  2. They want a steady salary – no problem! many of our opportunities include a base salary
  3. They think they won’t find customers – no problem! many of our opportunities hand you fresh quality business leads from multi-million $ advertising programs
  4. They think they are not good salespeople – there are different types of sales. Our system can determine which you will succeed at
  5. They think it is not a good career – the truth is… the wealthiest and most successful people have always been salespeople selling products and services

Our company recruits peak performers for our Clients. We have a system that makes sure a person is right for the position, and you will perform at a high level.

Are you ready to TAKE ACTION and get on track to making GOOD MONEY and having REAL SECURITY?

call me now

Frank Abrams
CEO and Founder
416 733-3001

You`d be great in the new job… but lousy in an interview?

A good recruitment system will help Clients find peak performers.  Some candidates would be great in a job, but are poor in an interview.

In our zenPeak system, we identify those who may be weak in the interview and alert Clients that they should get past the first impression, and consider competency, EQ and fit to the position, the organization and management operational style. Just because someone can sell themselves in an interview, does not mean they are going to be a peak performer!

lousy in an interview?

In the graphic below from our written reports, you can see that our testing and assessment system identifies these candidates. This is of great benefit to candidates, to enable them to get a fair shot at the opportunity.


Do’s and Don’ts for hiring from Fast Company

Here are some Do’s and Don’ts for hiring from Fast Company that are good common sense for small to mid-size growth companies (the kinds of clients we have at zenPeak for the most part).

Of course, picking the right person who will be a peak performer in your company is still an art and a science. Our system includes assessments that use position benchmarks, and examine the EQ competency scores that will lead to peak performance… and… IT WORKS!

Fast Company's The Do's and Don'ts of Hiring
Fast Company's The Do's and Don'ts of Hiring

Peak Performers will love the new Scotiabank Executive Compensation scheme!

Peak Performers will love the new Scotiabank Executive Compensation scheme!

According to the Financial Post of May 20 2009, under the new compensation plan, investment bankers at ScotiaCapital will win in the long run if all stakeholders, including the bank and its shareholders, also win in the long run.

The Financial Post outlines the details, and asserts that there may be a rush for the exits if other Bay St. firm don’t head down the same path as ScotiaCapital.

While the world’s big financial institutions cope with stress tests (the Federal Reserve Stress Test guide is here) zenPeak has another thought…

Why not test staff for how they respond to stress with a comprehensive Emotional Intelligence profile from zenPeak?

It’s a proven methodology to discover the EQ and get some awareness on how someone will perform in their job. Take a look at the core competencies that bring peak performance on Bay St.!


Broker bails out on his position of trust

Marc Schrenker was picked up by police in a KOA campground today.  His alleged scheme to fake his death by calling in a distress message, and then parachuting to freedom out of his airplane didn’t work. He is alive to deal with some of the mess his life has become.

Apparently, he was involved in stealing commissions, but at this stage, maybe the kindest thing to do, until the facts emerge, is to say his life was unraveling. His wife had recently filed for divorce, and his father had just passed away.

Someone accustomed to $1,000 suits, private planes, fancy cars and club memberships, can often have a hard time when it all comes “crashing down”. Victims of the Madoff scandal have killed themselves out of despair.

How a person deals with these challenges and choices in the workplace is best understood with EQ testing and assessment, based on the science of axiology.

Luckily, Schrenker wasn’t hurt when he parachuted out, and no one on the ground was nearby when his plane landed in a swamp.

If a person, like Mr. Schrenker is alleged to be, had been EQ tested and assessed using the zerorisk system, prior to being hired, I believe they would have been identified as a poor fit for a position of trust, with a potential for theft and embezzlement.

– Frank Abrams is the founder of zenPeak Inc. , helping companies find and retain peak performers for high-trust and high-integrity positions.

Are we at a market bottom? 4 ways to tell.

At a market top what do you see?

Everyone is an expert; they arrive at their broker with shopping bags full of cash to put into stocks because “the market is going up” and they don’t want to miss out. Or they heard a tip on a company. Or they heard about a new IPO. Forget valuations… “it’s different this time”.

They abandon their regular occupations and interests,  and become full-time traders or investors. Whether it is 1927 or 2007, no difference.

Silly behavior permeates up as well. Trading desks, “hedge” funds, seek out new angles and products that extend the momentum, or offer a quick hit on riches. Some do make out like bandits but the higher you are, the harder the fall. THESE ARE PEOPLE IN HIGH-RISK AND HIGH-TRUST POSITIONS. Some will usually go to jail when the party ends.

The 2008 collapse has been brutal and frightening and costly. Usually bear markets are quick and painful, but this is more. Too many failed banks, brokerages and insurance companies. Not just earnings hits, but failures. Also have you noticed that people who were infallible don’t know what to do? George Bush doesn’t know, Alan Greenspan or Ben Bernanke don’t know, Henry Paulson doesn’t know, Congress doesn’t know. Not exactly a confidence builder.

We are looking at a structural reset, and that takes longer. The capital markets environment needs time to shake out every last ounce of irrational exuberance, over-confidence and amateur participant. But beyond that, time is needed to remove uncertainty and allow planning and confidence in predictable business performance; specifically predictable earnings. Market participants need to reform and rebuild.

Time is needed to look around the rooms at banks or brokerages or insurance companies and know whether the men or women will protect your company or put it at risk.

so, Are we at a market bottom?

I doubt it. Here’s why?

(1) You can try and gauge when the moment is, that investors can buy a share with confidence in future earnings.  Look for new measures of earnings predictability to be talked about. The markets need confidence in earnings projections. – not there yet.

(2) You you can also look at the folks with the shopping bags. They are not the smart money. Until they curse the words “stocks” and mutual funds and are determined to only buy a bank deposit in the future.  Look for online trading companies to shut down – not there yet.

(3) Until the terminology and marketing of equities takes on a new form we won’t be there because nobody believes the “feel good”, “we’re smart”, “trust us”  blather in advertising. Look for personality-based companies and promotions. Would I trust Jim Cramer more than an actor in good wardrobe? – hell yes. Would I trust CEOs of companies that emerge from this mess unscathed? – oh ya.  – not there yet.

(4) Finally banks, brokers and insurance companies, in fact every co. in the financial services business needs to clean house, and describe how they are doing it, and make a policy of it. They need to assess and test every person in a HIGH-RISK AND HIGH-TRUST role, and make sure they are occupationally and psychologically suited to their job.