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Updated mobile app for local & hidden Toronto GTA jobs

Part of our mission is to help job seekers find full-time, salaried work in Toronto GTA. You don’t have to take our word for it.

How have we taken action? We have updated our mobile app (with more updates to come) It’s the first of its kind anywhere where tags and mapped results make it easy to find hundreds of local & hidden jobs. More? Check out the zenPeak website for help with resumes, interviews, success stories and more.

Stay away from people like you (until you get a job)

A Job Seeker needs support and encouragement but a job group is the wrong place to get it – anyone at a job club who gets a job will disappear so fast they won’t even leave a vapour trail. Why? because they are happy to brush off the stink and misery of not having a job. That’s the truth.

What is your job search mindset?

There are different Candidate “mindsets” around getting a Hiring Manager to offer you an interview. One mindset is “I could be really good in the job, and if they just gave me a chance, they would see” This mindset is usually accompanied by a resume that is generic, and not customized to the opportunity…Another mindset is built around improving your statistical chances of getting the interview. It involves more working and less hoping.

Are you ready to tell your story?

If you can find a balance between demonstrating competency & experience, while at the same time, creating genuine interest in “your story” then you’ll get noticed, and get someone excited. A few success stories can make the difference! …………. Then the reader is nodding their head as they read your resume, learning about you, getting excited about you, and thinking… this is exactly the kind of person we need

Advice from a New Entrepreneur

I am connected to the writer, Stephanie St. Claire through facebook, and when I saw the title of her post, I checked it out right away.

“11 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started My Business”

One of the options for a mid-career job seeker is to go into business for themselves; taking their passion or skill, from cooking to construction and creating their own opportunity if no one else is offering them one. Stephanie gives very solid advice based on her own personal experiences. I think she has identified a lot of traps new entrepreneurs fall into — my hand is up 🙂  btw and waving around — Have a look and judge for yourself if doing your own thing sounds scary and exciting at the same time, or just very very scary!

The Impact of Low Self-Esteem on Seniors

Other seniors berate themselves for lacking the skills they think they need to be of contribution to society or find meaningful ways to occupy their time. Too often, many settle for what they consider to be demeaning jobs just to pass the time and provide a few extra dollars to help with a retirement that requires they live on a fraction of what was not enough during their earlier, working years. By holding themselves in low regard, they minimize their value to others and settle for less than they would have if their self-image were higher.

The Story of Your Work Life

the most important thing you can do, within our system. In our face to face meeting we ask you to think about the 2 or 3 major success stories we’ve talked about, and write up short paragraphs (3-4 sentences max) on each. These success stories capture the interest of the reader; in this case a hiring manager. Once you have their attention, they will look deeper into “What You Can Do For Them” in the organization.

Creating a great LinkedIn profile! for the Senior Executive

Recruiters are on LinkedIn everyday searching for excellent Candidates to fill their positions. The more complete your profile is, the easier it will be for them to find you. But it’s not just Recruiters that may be looking. School alumni and past colleagues are excellent avenues for networking, as well as joining groups to connect with peers. The more involved you are, the more prevalent your profile will be in searches – not only in LinkedIn, but also from other search engines.

Creating a great LinkedIn profile! for a mid-career job seeker

How’s your profile photo? Do you even have one? Is it up to date? Do you look happy? Presentable? A picture really is worth a thousand words and more profiles get looked at when a picture is included. Exposure is key when you’re looking for a new career opportunity. Make sure your status accurately describes that you are looking for work & what type of position you’re looking for within your preferred industry(ies). examples…