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67 New local job ALERTs in the last 30 Days
Total Number of Companies Covered 4012
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Looking for work? Invisible no more!

Being selective about what you apply for, combined with a targeted “What I Can Do For You” resume, will get you better results.

If you are picky, you have more time for (1) researching the position/company, (2) customizing your resume which should only take 5 minutes, and (3) doing a personal telephone follow up to see if your resume was received, and to ask when they expect to make a decision.

Tag Tips for Users of the Job ALERTS App

Efficiency is the best course to take in any endeavour, and using the job ALERT app is no different. It is aimed to help you find the best local hidden job opportunities as easily as possible.

How do we make this as easy and efficient as possible… by using tags.

Our team manually enters tags that suit not only the specific job description but also the thought pattern of the user searching the alerts.


What do these tags look like.

  • Company names for those who are looking for very specific opportunities,
  • Business segments to narrow the search field such as finance, IT, sales, marketing
  • Descriptive words for the position title you are looking for such as manager or consultant.


You can also check out the Top 20 Tags within the app to make sure you are hitting some of the most popular words used in alerts and postings, b sure to check this regularly to see if there any new tags relevant to you!

You can modify your tags anytime to adjust your search perimeters to help you find the perfect job!


Now get searching!

Stay away from people like you (until you get a job)

A Job Seeker needs support and encouragement but a job group is the wrong place to get it – anyone at a job club who gets a job will disappear so fast they won’t even leave a vapour trail. Why? because they are happy to brush off the stink and misery of not having a job. That’s the truth.

Good vs Great

Are you a good candidate, or a great candidate?
Do you take any job you can get or do you evaluate your opportunities to ensure a proper fit?
It’s not about answering the questions the right way but rather asking the right questions which show your potential employer that you’re the one for the job! Read this article from to learn the 5 questions great candidates ask and when to ask them!
Kari Russell
Recruitment Associate