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Don’t run out of time on your resume!

You only have 3 Seconds to let someone know “What You Can Do for Them!


On a resume, don’t waste the space above the fold with your career objectives, your volunteer work, or even your education. Get to the point! Show your experience, show your results, show your fit with what they are looking for. Using a functional style resume with numeric results is the best way style of resume in almost every case.  Your Work Experience can start 1/2 way into the first page but first showcase “What I Can Do For You!”  Great achievements on page 2 or 3 will not help you if the Reader can’t figure you out quickly, and then decides to move on to the next applicant. Don’t leave it to chance or hope. Use the resume as a marketing document designed to get you an interview on the telephone or in person. The space “above the fold” is going to catch the eye of the Reader. Don’t run out of time! … more

Frank Abrams