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Executive Search @ the Leadership Level

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Serving decision-making Executives who are looking to find & recruit senior-level leadership for their organizations

researchers found evidence that for a full 27% of hires, establishments never recorded a vacancy. What’s going on there? It’s possible to come up with different stories, but one is that establishments hire when they see someone they want—even more reason to try to get your foot in the door before the door is open. Fox News article

One of our sayings is…

“Focus on the Best, and Help the Rest”

We help active Job Seekers in many ways such as instruction on resumes, interviews, writing their success stories, and more.  We have invested a lot of time and money in building a job ALERTs system to collect and distribute fresh, local, “hidden” job opportunities to job seekers. We even set up a way for anyone to enter a job opportunity (for free) into our job ALERTs system.  Our commitment to help many levels of job seekers is first rate!

How do we get paid? By focusing on the best.

We find and recruit “hidden” senior-level leadership Candidates, who are working, and may be interested in joining your organization

This explains why zenPeak does not include senior-level leadership positions in our job ALERTs. That is our recruiting focus. When we find an opportunity at a senior level, it is our mandate to personally help the Company learn about any exceptional Candidates that can help grow their business.

We don’t want to waste your time, or our time, so let us share what we do, and what we don’t do.

  1. We don’t do vendor lists
  2. We don’t compete with multiple Recruiters on the same search
  3. We know you are searching as well so we will happily take your prospective Candidates and work with them too, so you can focus on work – our fixed fee rate is so low, you won’t care. If it’s your Candidate, we only charge the fixed fee. (see # 7)
  4. We don’t take shortcuts; we stick to our comprehensive up-front & high-value process
  5. We don’t send in a resume you can easily find on LinkedIn, and then charge you thousands of dollars
  6. We don’t work purely on contingency or success – we have a fixed upfront fee on mandated searches
  7. We don’t have high fees –
    • On searches, our fees are 5% fixed and 8% (net) on success, with good guarantees inc. a money back guarantee
    • If you like a Candidate we present, the fee is 13% (net) as well
  8. We don’t have a 20 page contract – it’s a 3 page “nuts and bolts” agreement
  9. We are here to help our Clients, and Candidates too (check out the local job ALERTs!)
  10. Our Candidates want to maintain their privacy. We don’t circulate full resumes to HR departments without your executive-level permission or interest.
  11.  We don’t risk our reputation of being direct, transparent and trustworthy

associated page for Senior-Level Candidates

We look forward to helping you!

Frank Abrams
CEO & Founder
416 733-3001