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Frank Abrams
Frank Abrams
(416) 733-3001

Business Focus:

Senior Executive, Financial Services, IT, Retail, C level Management, mobile apps, tech and media development

My Personal Statement:

Having a job is one of the most important parts of life. Being unemployed or under-employed, and struggling to find work, is a very difficult experience.

It’s not an easy task for companies looking to hire the best people either.

What’s a good approach to connect people with work? Is it automating every part of the process?

Before online job applications, job applicants complained that getting a form rejection letter in the mail, or getting no feedback at all, was frustrating. Things are worse now. There are hundreds or even thousands of job applicants for each posting, since its so easy to click and apply. Applicants rarely get any response at all, and sometimes they don’t even get feedback after face to face interviews.

While technology allows people to apply to dozens of jobs everyday with a click on the webpage, it doesn’t get most people closer to finding suitable work, and it doesn’t help employers find the best people. Because its so easy to send in a resume by email or online, the volume of applicants is huge and some companies have chosen to rely on screening and filtering systems to try and weed out unsuitable people. If even the best Candidate doesn’t “bait” their resume properly with the right keywords, applicant tracking systems will miss them.

Some think technology will solve the problems of connecting people with work, but it won’t. The hiring system that is out there right now is broken and needs fixing. More software, better algorithms, and more computers is not the answer.