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Go the extra mile in your next job interview!

You get dressed up and you practice your smile and handshake, right?

How about coming to the job interview with more than just a resume?

If you’ve done your research, you should know a lot about the hiring company, the position, what they want you to do, the person you will report to, etc. etc.

Have you thought about coming to the job interview with your success stories too? A success story makes it is easy to figure you out, and showcases you as a “doer” . Whether its on the telephone or face to face, success stories help you talk about yourself without bragging or floundering around. Practice helps! The structure is easy: (1) a problem and the risk of doing nothing (2) what I did and (3) the results!  more here

You can also take the advice of Lisa Quast and create a work portfolio. “it can be helpful if you work in a career field where you’ve created tangible items and/or achieved measurable results that display your skills and expertise.” Her complete article is here at Forbes






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