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42 local job ALERTs in the last 30 days

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If you are looking for work, every single day counts!

If you are looking for a job, you need to find the “hidden” and unadvertised jobs in your area. We track thousands of company website career pages for the latest opportunities. We don’t automatically scrape jobs off the Internet that you have seen before. We hunt down fresh job opportunities every day. zenPeak job ALERTs gives you a first look at what local jobs are available, that meet your preferences such as location, industry, commuting distance, occupation, tags and keywords.

Get the edge you need to find a job.Your best chance to get a job is through direct contact with a company or organization, through your network, or by finding out about unadvertised opportunities. Its been said that 80% of jobs are never advertised. Our team reviews the location and preferences of all our subscribers, and actively looks for new local job ALERTs. How about that!? We make sure these Job Alerts are for good opportunities that are not posted on every job board, everywhere. We measure the exposure of the job ALERTs before we post them – if the job ALERT is all over the Internet, we don’t post it. We are looking for full-time salaried positions, not the 100% commission sales jobs that you would find all over indeed, monster and workopolis.

Customized to your job search. You set the preferences:

  • your location, or any location or postal code you choose
  • keywords and tags that match your occupation
  • the names of companies you want to work for
  • commuting distance

The results are matched to YOU!

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We keep it real:

  • delivered by mobile android and iphone apps
  • we try and post hidden jobs you won’t find everywhere
  • we use matching to make sure that the job alert is relevant to you
  • we look for new jobs every day ; fresh jobs that have just been posted
  • the jobs are not widely advertised
  • we check specialized industry job boards and company career pages
  • the unadvertised positions you are looking for

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