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Job Seekers & Companies are stuck in a “Progress Trap”

“I’m applying for jobs online… why am I not getting any interviews?!” – Job Seeker

“My job posting is bringing a flood of resumes… but no one is worth interviewing!” – Company

It started off as a good idea. Post a job on a website and job seekers can apply directly, without calling or mailing a resume in. Simple, fast and easy. Good for the environment and high-tech too.

Unfortunately, too easy!

Job seekers quickly learned that by adding some “bait words” to a resume, that matched the position description, they can rise to the top of the pile. Even if their experience or capabilities aren’t a good match, the screening systems may let their resume through. Pity the poor HR  person who has to look through mounds of resumes that aren’t suitable just to find one that has potential!

To fix the problem of people gaming the online job application process, software developers concoct algorithms to catch these people and filter them out. More complexity for the HR team, and more reliance on technology.

However, since it’s still just as easy to apply, the volume of resumes doesn’t shrink. All that happens is the process gets less transparent and stays just as frustrating.

It gets worse.

Every time a job is posted, web-based job board companies, automatically scrape the job and re-post it indiscriminately. More resumes flowing in. Some suitable, some not.

This is a classic Progress Trap

What started out as a good idea, has morphed into a mess. Some interactions thrive on the Internet, others get slowed down or get damaged.

Booking a flight or hotel – perfect. Applying for a job online – frustrating.

Job Seekers see the incremental “cost” of applying to one more job as being just another 30 seconds to attach a resume. Will this strategy get the Job Seeker an interview?

Companies want a reliable, fast, easy & low-cost process to get the word out. A job listing can be free or cost just a few hundred dollars, compared to much more for newspaper ads. Low cost, but the trade off is a huge volume of low quality responses.

Are the best Candidates and the best opportunities going to get matched up through online job board applications?





















Frank Abrams