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Looking for work? Invisible no more!

Have you ever felt “invisible”? Submitted a job application and never heard back? Or even worse, had an interview, and never heard back from the Company or a Recruiter?

Being #invisible is not a good feeling.


We might feel despondent or angry and get fed up with the whole process. Being ignored after applying for a job, is happening more frequently, because of new technology. It’s so easy to apply for a job online, that people apply for dozens of jobs a day; most of those applications aren’t a good fit, and as a result, this overloads the system. Too many resumes that don’t match the position requirements. It’s hard for companies to respond.

There are a few things you can do to affect your results, such as applying for jobs you are suited for. Don’t waste your time on real longshots if you aren’t any kind of a match.

At the top of the list of things you can control is… your resume. Think of it this way. You need a resume than increases your chances of a telephone or face to face interview.

Being selective about what you apply for, combined with a targeted “What I Can Do For You” resume, will get you better results.

If you are picky, you have more time for (1) researching the position/company, (2) customizing your resume which should only take 5 minutes, and (3) doing a personal telephone follow up to see if your resume was received, and to ask when they expect to make a decision.

Track the number of applications with the responses you get, such as emails, telephone interviews as well as face to face interviews. Your results should get better and you will no longer feel #invisible.





Frank Abrams