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Lower Your Risk in Hiring

Guarantees to lower your risk.

(1) If we need to find a replacement Candidate we’ll do it. It’s covered in our 3 page nuts and bolts contract.*
(2) If we can’t deliver a Candidate that can do the job, we’ll give you back your paid fixed fees.*

Up-front & high-value work that will lower your risk.

  • After we source Candidates, they are interviewed by telephone and introduced to the opportunity.
  • We determine if they are highly motivated and likely to succeed in the position.
  • They are tested using the zeroriskHR hiring systemTM and assessed against benchmark occupational scores.
  • Candidates repair their resume to our standardized “What I Can Do For You” format.
  • Candidates are interviewed face to face by zenPeak.
  • We develop profiles and success stories that communicate the Candidate’s story & value to you.
  • Before the first face to face interview with the Client, we conduct scheduled reference interviews (only people they reported to)
  • Prior to interviewing with Clients, selected Candidates  participate in a zenPeak interview preparation session.

We only present high-compliance, peak performing Candidates to our Clients, and we follow up every step of the process including reference checking, offer presentation, hiring, etc.

Can zenPeak’s system help you hire great people, at lower risk? YES

Hiring? To manage risk you need… Time, Process, Resources

Are you able to stop what you’re doing, close your office door, and just work on finding great people to hire for your organization? Yes, you know its important to have a great team to compete and win, and yes you need to hire, but do you, or a capable person working with you, actually have the time to do-it-yourselves?

Are you comfortable contacting top-notch people at a competitor and recruiting them over to your company? No question that your company story is compelling, and its a good opportunity for someone; but can you sell the company along with appropriate expectations, and not make promises that will come back to haunt you?

Are you ready to take a step by step thorough approach, not just interviews, but reference interviews, EQ testing – a complete process or will you just ask… “When can you start?” Yes you are busy and don’t have time to waste; but can you afford to rush into a bad hire? Do you really have the process to check out Candidates & make sure they are for real?

Do you have all three? the Time, the Process and the Resources?

This is the key question when it comes to setting out to look for and hire the best people.

“Awesome!” D. White, CEO T.A. Solutions (Client)

* for information on guarantees please see contract