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Not Getting Job Interviews?

Not Getting Job Interviews? The #1 reason why you are being ignored.

A resume is a Marketing Document. You’ve heard that before. When it comes to getting that job interview, Marketing means communicating and promoting YOU.

The idea is… the resume gets you in the door for a job interview.

So why aren’t you getting the interviews? The answer is so simple its crazy.

Accept this concept, and your pain will disappear.

If you aren’t qualified for the job, your chances are poor for getting interviewed. How will the company or the hiring manager know if you are qualified or not?

You can make them read through every ding-dong thing you’ve ever done, in every job you ever had, and force them to work really really hard to figure you out (that’s not going to happen) OR you can make it easy for them and build a resume that tells them… WHAT I CAN DO FOR YOU!

Create that Marketing Document (your resume) that communicates and promotes WHAT I CAN DO FOR YOU!

When the Hiring Manager can figure you out in only 3 seconds, just by reading your resume, you will never be ignored again!

Your 3 second resume

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