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If you are applying for jobs that are exactly what you can do,  and you are not getting interviews, then you have a problem with your resume.


Many satisfied job Candidates have learned to communicate more effectively, and get interviews, by using a 3 Second Resume.


Don’t make these mistakes!


  1. Starting your resume with a Career Objective that’s all about what you want
  2. Not using a heading that tells in 10 – 15 words: “What I Can Do For You”
  3. Using a chronological format that makes it hard to “figure you out”
  4. Soft and meaningless language like “team player”
  5. Not indicating your numeric results – (yes, everyone has them)
  6. Not customizing your resume each and every time you apply for a job
  7. Wasting precious time on long cover letters that repeat what’s in the resume


 “Thank-you Frank for helping bring out my expertise and value in my CV.  You spent the time with me to understand my experience and abilities, and my goals. Right from the start I could tell you had the background to help me just by the things you said. (I had looked into another company to help me, and at 8 times the cost, the person I was speaking to did not have any understanding of my level or what was needed to achieve my goals.) There already seems to be an uptake in my LinkedIn profile. Let’s see where this takes me.” — C.L.

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Are you ready to fix your “marketing materials” (Resume and LinkedIn profile) and get more telephone interviews?!


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Resume and LinkedIn package


1:1 service with an experienced Writer, that delivers a Resume and LinkedIn profile within 48 hours.

Included as part of the process,  is hands-on support and coaching so you’ll be confident and able to change and update your resume for every opportunity. If you don’t customize your resume for each opportunity, you are hurting your chances. The 3 Second Resume style, only takes a few minutes to customize every time!


We will deconstruct your work history and experience, getting you a functional style resume that is long on numeric results, and short on meaningless soft language. Includes about 3 hours of personal coaching on resumes, job search etc.


The format we use, the 3 Second Resume, helps a hiring manager understand you quickly, They will not have to work hard to “figure you out”. The objective in both your Resume and LinkedIn profile is to get to the next step… an interview.




How does the Resume and LinkedIn package work?

  1. We talk on the telephone and learn about your current work situation, and why you want to fix your “marketing materials”.
  2. We set up a schedule to complete the job in 48 hours – we never want you waiting for us.
  3. We start with your LinkedIn profile because its a primary resource for Candidate searches by hiring Companies.
  4. When the LinkedIn profile is completed we move on to your Resume.
  5. You participate every step of the way so you are happy with the finished products


Many satisfied job Candidates have learned how to market themselves, and communicate more effectively, with a 3 Second Resume. Read what they say…

“I am glad to have selected zenPeak for my LinkedIN and Resume revision. Frank from zenPeak recruiters helped me successfully to do this in a very short time and the best thing was that I was involved in creating my own resume and LinkedIn profile. My resume now emphasizes my professional accomplishments and with results in numbers. Awesome.” — N.A.

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