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Self Sabotage in Your Job Search

Get Out of Your Own Way

Our approach to marketing a Candidate is to present… What They Can Do For You vs. Everything They Have Done. Why? Isn’t everything they have done important? No. Perhaps most of the things they have done are important, to a specific career opportunity, but not everything. Also, a Hiring Manager is giving you a few seconds of their focus to determine what you are all about and how, in the words of Arlene Dickinson, you can help an organization to”build their dream, or stop their pain”. You have to make it easy for a Hiring Manager to figure you out in the context of what they need done, not just figure you out. I have encountered many Candidates who have ATTITUDE –  ruining their chances to get a job because they carry around giant chips on their shoulders, and are lugging around a lot of baggage they won’t let go of. I’m not just talking about anger; also distrust, fear, frustration, weariness… They don’t trust the Recruiter or the Executive Search team.  The axiom of “fake it till you make it” applies here – put a smile on your face, and try your best to be positive! I can understand how hard it can be to look for work, and to get a job. I’ve been there. However if someone tells you what they are looking for in a position, and the position description is clear about what they are looking for, why would you bury your best stuff on page 2? Why wouldn’t you showcase your best at the top of page 1? Swallow your pride and FIX YOU RESUME!

Do you really think one resume fits all opportunities?

If so, you must be expecting someone to read through your whole life story of Everything You Have Done to discover the hidden treasures of What You Can Do For Them! Risky approach to getting the job. If you are asked to change your resume, and don’t think there is a solid reason then ask… Why Should I? If you get an answer that makes sense and is related to the needs of a specific position, then do it.

Make a decision.

Are you in love with your resume? or in love with the idea of getting the interview and a job offer?

EXTRA THOUGHTS: At zenPeak we have a holistic approach to Recruiting and Executive Search. What does that mean for a Candidate looking for a new opportunity? When we designed the job ALERTs mobile app, we purposely decided to be selective about which jobs we posted. Yes, we have the capability to scrape every job that is posted on every other job board, but we wouldn’t do it. Why?

  1. You can’t apply to all of the jobs out there – you need to focus & only apply for jobs that give you the feeling of “I’ve done it before and I can do it again”
  2. You probably don’t want a part time or commission job – so we don’t post them
  3. You to be focused on hidden, local jobs that have fewer applicants – we have an “exposure index” – if the job is exposed on all the job boards we don’t post it

We want you to believe that your chances improve if you apply to hidden jobs, do a lot of research, customize your resume and show the courage to follow-up by telephone.

Frank Abrams