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Some thoughts on Job Interviews

Before: Prepare

  1. Research:
    • research on the opportunity & what they are looking for.
    • research the interviewer/hiring manager – (ask the Recruiter or Company Screener about him/her).
  2. Resume – bring 2 perfectly clean printed copies of a customized 3 Second Resume.
  3. Success Stories – prepare them, and practice them.

During: “What I Can Do For You!”

  1. Try and figure out the personality type of the Interviewer – this will help you communicate more effectively.
  2. Be yourself, smile, listen and maintain eye contact.
  3. Have a look at some more interview tips here.
  4. Ask questions at the end that are focused on the opportunity & “What I Can Do For You!”.
  5. If they bring up salary, put it back in their court “I haven’t really focused on a specific number, what do you have in mind?”.
    If the salary is way way off, and you won’t work for that amount, you could tell them what your expectations are.

After: Follow Up

  1. Send a thank you note.
  2. Call and follow up after 2-3 days.


Frank Abrams