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Stay away from people like you (until you get a job)

This is a difficult subject to bring up. I don’t want to upset job seekers who are already suffering and worrying.

We need to talk about this soul crusher, so you don’t waste time on the job hunt.

Losing a job, then looking for work, is one of the hardest things we ever need to go through.  It can be humiliating. The job seeker feels they are letting their family down. They deal with rejection from Recruiters and Hiring Managers.  Job applications go out, and there is no response.

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There are many opportunities to share the misery with other job seekers in job clubs and job networking groups. My opinion is to stay away. Here’s why.

  1. It’s a better use of a job seeker’s time to hang around people with jobs, those with good networks, and even those who can make a job offer.
  2. Many of the service people at job groups are there to sell something, such as expensive resume writing services. Sorry – job seekers need to learn to do write their own resume, and to customize it for every job opportunity.
  3. Time is better spent researching, industry networking, attending trade conferences etc.
  4. A Job Seeker needs support and encouragement but a job group is the wrong place to get it – anyone at a job club who gets  a job will disappear so fast they won’t even leave a vapour trail.  Why? because they are happy to brush off the stink and misery of not having a job. That’s the truth.

Developing a positive and active job search plan is important. As well as doing all the other physical and mental activities to stay healthy.

Our approach to recruiting, executive search and a job search is holistic. We have a way to deal with resumes, interviews, success stories, and job search that are intertwined. Each opportunity needs research, a custom resume and telephone follow up. Develop your own holistic plan of attack, if your ever find yourself in the nasty spot of losing a job and needing to find work.

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EXTRA THOUGHTS: If we took a poll how would you vote? Are “thanks but no thanks” rejection letters from a company where you applied for a job, a good thing that lifts your spirits, or a downer? I think they are better than nothing, because at least you know they got your resume, and it is a contact between you and the company; although perhaps of very low value. I can’t say we are the best at this as Executive Search professionals, since we don’t mail out letters, but we tend to have a high level of phone and email contact with short-listed Candidates.  We need more efforts to lift the spirits of job seekers, in the context of helping and providing advice and ideas, how &  where to find work. zenPeak Recruiters is built to help. We have pages on resume writing, interview tips, success stories, and a free career guide that may just inspire you!







Frank Abrams