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Inside Mortgage Salesperson

I’m just so excited about this new opportunity we are working on. Why? …. qualified potential business leads.

Its a role for an Inside Mortgage Salesperson; a licensed position at a great company that has a steady flow of quality leads and potential business. Yes, you have to work hard and generate your own business too but almost everyone need a mortgage!  and imagine being given the support, training AND qualified potential business leads ready to be serviced. Another great aspect of this opportunity is the office environment; professional and low-pressure. Not licensed? The company will help you quickly get trained and government licensed.

details if you are interested: Inside Mortgage Salesperson – full-time.

This position is ideal for a person looking to earn between $50,000 and $80,000 in their first year, at one of Ontario’s largest financial companies. Location is near Steeles and Woodbine.This opportunity is unique. It is suited to a person who is driven to succeed, and wants to work in an office environment at a great company and get a steady flow of potential business, along with support and training to be a licensed mortgage salesperson.

Next step is to send us your resume, and request to arrange a short telephone interview to determine your potential fit to the opportunity. These telephone interviews are conducted 7 days a week every morning. zenPeak employee recruitment has a system to recruit peak performers for our Clients. Save all your questions for the telephone interview. We will discuss this position and any other jobs that we have to fill that make sense for you. Even if you are unsure of this particular opportunity, we have other positions.

Interested? Know someone who may be?  call me 416 733-3001 Frank Abrams

Peak Performers will love the new Scotiabank Executive Compensation scheme!

Peak Performers will love the new Scotiabank Executive Compensation scheme!

According to the Financial Post of May 20 2009, under the new compensation plan, investment bankers at ScotiaCapital will win in the long run if all stakeholders, including the bank and its shareholders, also win in the long run.

The Financial Post outlines the details, and asserts that there may be a rush for the exits if other Bay St. firm don’t head down the same path as ScotiaCapital.

While the world’s big financial institutions cope with stress tests (the Federal Reserve Stress Test guide is here) zenPeak has another thought…

Why not test staff for how they respond to stress with a comprehensive Emotional Intelligence profile from zenPeak?

It’s a proven methodology to discover the EQ and get some awareness on how someone will perform in their job. Take a look at the core competencies that bring peak performance on Bay St.!


Broker bails out on his position of trust

Marc Schrenker was picked up by police in a KOA campground today.  His alleged scheme to fake his death by calling in a distress message, and then parachuting to freedom out of his airplane didn’t work. He is alive to deal with some of the mess his life has become.

Apparently, he was involved in stealing commissions, but at this stage, maybe the kindest thing to do, until the facts emerge, is to say his life was unraveling. His wife had recently filed for divorce, and his father had just passed away.

Someone accustomed to $1,000 suits, private planes, fancy cars and club memberships, can often have a hard time when it all comes “crashing down”. Victims of the Madoff scandal have killed themselves out of despair.

How a person deals with these challenges and choices in the workplace is best understood with EQ testing and assessment, based on the science of axiology.

Luckily, Schrenker wasn’t hurt when he parachuted out, and no one on the ground was nearby when his plane landed in a swamp.

If a person, like Mr. Schrenker is alleged to be, had been EQ tested and assessed using the zerorisk system, prior to being hired, I believe they would have been identified as a poor fit for a position of trust, with a potential for theft and embezzlement.

– Frank Abrams is the founder of zenPeak Inc. , helping companies find and retain peak performers for high-trust and high-integrity positions.

Here’s why today is the best time to join the Financial Services business!

Today is the best time to join the Financial Services business!

  1. Clients are unhappy. If you call a prospective client with a simple and safe investment such as a deposit, they will listen and give you an appointment, because their current financial adviser has either stopped calling, or is explaining why portfolio values are down. They might switch, but 2 years ago, it would have been impossible to compare yourself against their broker’s success with the client portfolio.
  2. The advice you give today , and the products you recommend today, are more likely to make clients $ tomorrow. The most successful brokers, planners and advisers don’t try and pick winners, they follow a system and rely on others to make those tough decisions. Fact is whoever is selecting and packaging product for you today has a better chance of being right, as the tide of the market rises.  The investments that focus on the stock market, which is currently low after a 50% correction, will likely do well in coming years.
  3. Where you work is important! Who you know, historical performance, projections no longer carry much weight with clients. What counts is knowing you are personally service-oriented, that you can be trusted, and that the company you work for has survived the credit crunch and is getting stronger, (not just barely surviving or still losing money)
  4. The potential market is huge! Most people have trouble saving money. They carry credit card balances at very high interest rates, and they have the wrong kind of life insurance. Ignore the tv commercials about wealth management; the vast majority of clients need basic help to solve these problems.
  5. Hard work and honesty is respected today. Today, financial success is measured in lowering your risk and credit exposure, eliminating debt, understanding exactly what you are investing in, saving carefully for your future, and having independence. If you are ready to work hard and be straight with people… Today is the best time to join the Financial Services business!

– Frank Abrams is the founder of zenPeak Inc. , helping companies find and retain peak performers for high-trust and high-integrity positions.