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Good Vibrations for the right Candidate

Just got a new position to work on and its very exciting for someone truly entrepreneurial and flexible and loves change and excitement! The company is growing like crazy with a hot new health and wellness technology and equipment business. ISO certified with a solid ownership team w. decades of business experience.

Please have a look at the position description here and let us know if you know someone who is a good fit!

Inside Mortgage Salesperson

I’m just so excited about this new opportunity we are working on. Why? …. qualified potential business leads.

Its a role for an Inside Mortgage Salesperson; a licensed position at a great company that has a steady flow of quality leads and potential business. Yes, you have to work hard and generate your own business too but almost everyone need a mortgage!  and imagine being given the support, training AND qualified potential business leads ready to be serviced. Another great aspect of this opportunity is the office environment; professional and low-pressure. Not licensed? The company will help you quickly get trained and government licensed.

details if you are interested: Inside Mortgage Salesperson – full-time.

This position is ideal for a person looking to earn between $50,000 and $80,000 in their first year, at one of Ontario’s largest financial companies. Location is near Steeles and Woodbine.This opportunity is unique. It is suited to a person who is driven to succeed, and wants to work in an office environment at a great company and get a steady flow of potential business, along with support and training to be a licensed mortgage salesperson.

Next step is to send us your resume, and request to arrange a short telephone interview to determine your potential fit to the opportunity. These telephone interviews are conducted 7 days a week every morning. zenPeak employee recruitment has a system to recruit peak performers for our Clients. Save all your questions for the telephone interview. We will discuss this position and any other jobs that we have to fill that make sense for you. Even if you are unsure of this particular opportunity, we have other positions.

Interested? Know someone who may be?  call me 416 733-3001 Frank Abrams

4 Success Habits (Mr. Gray’s speech page 6 paraphrased)

I read this 9 page speech by Mr. Gray as part of Bob Proctor’s bonus materials on a success website. I don’t think the speech is well-written but the truth about achieving success is painfully clear. I am paraphrasing a small part of it, and invite you to email me for the full text.  As an added piece of inspiration, Tony Robbins audio clip about Sylvester Stallone and the making of Rocky is at the bottom.

If you are on a job hunt, or growing a business, I believe Mr. Gray provides great advice…

Reminder to Self:

4 Success Habits – (paraphrased from pg. 6 of Mr. Gray’s speech)


It’s easier to persuade someone to a particular course of action, than to find someone who already wants to do it. So if you lack contacts interested in what you do, then you have unconsciously formed the habit of limiting your contacts to people who already want what you offer. Contacting people who need what you offer, (regardless of their “wants”) is the path to success; and they may also be a source of referrals.

If you don’t call on people who are able to do what you want, but may be unwilling to listen, then you have unconsciously formed the habit of limiting yourself to calling on people who are willing to listen, but may be unable to do what you want. What’s the worst that can happen, and does that involve my pride and ego?

Successful people form the habit of calling on people determined to help them see why its in their best interest to take action. If you don’t do that when calling on people, then you have unconsciously formed the habit of calling on people when you are in a state of mind, willing to let them convince you of their reasons for not taking action.

Working habits according to Mr. Gray take care of themselves if the other 3 habits are looked after. I think they take work too as I can procrastinate with the best of them. Follow ups and persistence need work. I try and make a mental note of how you feel when you are working hard, and getting things done. I know I feel better.

Speaking of mental notes I find that making a mental note of how you feel the instant after hanging up from a telephone call is very helpful. People respond positively to talking with someone who knows their stuff and believes in what they do, even if they disagree or are not interested.

These are the success habits according to Mr. Gray, and they are driven by long term purpose in life.

To get Mr. Gray’s complete speech please email me. Click on the picture to hear Tony Robbins talk about Sylvester Stallone and Rocky.

Rocky with his dog
Rocky with his dog

Opportunity is Knocking!

I was listening to the all-night radio show “Coast to Coast” last night and they were talking about you know what… the terrible economy.

The guest talked about one result of GM/Ford/Chrysler failures, would be a shortage of the cars, bringing about higher prices and no buying incentives. Supply and Demand.

For a person starting a new business this could be a time of opportunity. As stores and offices close up, the supply of goods and services shrinks. If your goods and services are what people want, there will be demand, and you will be surrounded by dropping supply.  Entrenched businesses will be in survival mode, service will likely slip, and they will lose customers.

If your dream is to open a store, or if you need an office… your rent costs will shrunk because of too much supply.  Now, you can probably go month to month as a start, or sign a more advantageous lease from a desperate landlord.

If you need to hire staff or seek out a partner, the best people will be more receptive  and will likely work for less $. This gives you an opportunity you didn’t have a year ago.

Is it a great time for wage earners and job security?… no.  But is this a new trend?… no.

There is a saying in the brokerage business that the best time to start is in a bad market. Brokers stop calling their clients, and clients are ready to switch if you have a sound investment idea. In a rising market everyone is a genius and people don’t switch. A great investment idea now is a safe deposit with federal government FDIC guarantees. Tomorrow it might be a stock that is emerging from the recession with growing revenues and earnings.

I think the same applies to many businesses as these tumultuous times shake up traditional behaviors, and loosen up relationships, so customers will give the feisty upstart a chance!

Today, I am excited about the future of Canada and the United States.