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Creating a great LinkedIn profile! for a mid-career job seeker

How’s your profile photo? Do you even have one? Is it up to date? Do you look happy? Presentable? A picture really is worth a thousand words and more profiles get looked at when a picture is included. Exposure is key when you’re looking for a new career opportunity. Make sure your status accurately describes that you are looking for work & what type of position you’re looking for within your preferred industry(ies). examples…

Why Use a Recruiter? Part 2 of 2

Quin Blake
Quin Blake
(647) 693-3078

Last month I wrote about the benefits of using a good recruiter from the Client’s point of view

 Now it’s time to share why, as a Candidate, you should find a proficient recruiter to assist you in your search for your next career opportunity.

Make sure you use a reputable recruiter. If you’re not familiar with any, ask around. A referral is always helpful when starting a relationship with someone where trust is essential. If you choose to search out a recruiter on your own, make sure that your best interests are their main concern and stay away from any recruiter who wants to charge you fees.

The Candidate

Whether you’re unemployed and actively seeking your next job or you’re happily (or not so) employed, but are interested in seeing what else is out there, a recruiter can be your greatest ally. Working with a trustworthy recruiter gives you a personal relationship with someone who can help you put your best foot forward.

First and foremost, you can be guaranteed discretion and confidentiality. This is crucial to the passive or currently employed Candidate as you wouldn’t want your boss to discover you’re shopping around and it also allows the active Candidate the freedom to trust that a dependable recruiter is acting in their best interest and isn’t just throwing their name out in every job search.

Thorough recruiters take the time to offer tips on interview skills & resume writing, coaching to get through the interview and properly promote yourself, they will even suggest how to dress or what not to wear if necessary.

When you use a recruiter you open yourself up to a variety of potential or “hidden” opportunities with only one resume. Recruiters know of positions that you probably don’t and they work directly with the decision-makers, getting your resume where it needs to be to get noticed.

At zenPeak, our driven recruiters will work just as hard to get you your next job as they will to help a client fill a position. Our Candidates are our currency in the human talent bank and we take the time to get to know each and every one to ensure that our investment in them has a high return.

So make your job search much easier and efficient – work with a recruiter!

Quin Blake
Recruitment Associate

(647) 693-3078

Matchmaker Matchmaker

For many of us in western society, the idea of meeting your spouse on your wedding day is ridiculous (and very frightening). Maybe the fear is strongest when your Mother or Father is the one setting up the love connection. Many traditional societies recognized the downside of having Mom and Dad setup the marriage so they use “professional” matchmakers who are experienced at making an unbiased assessment of two people, to raise the potential for a happy couple.

Can you imagine this working if the matchmaker never met, knew and interviewed both parties!? After the man and woman meet and begin a courtship, or see each other for the first time on their wedding day, the matchmaker’s job is done.

Doing the upfront work and research at modern day matchmakers like eHarmony and is the central part of their business. So… when it comes to hiring people, if you are not hiring yourself, and you are relying on the experience of a Recruiter, why choose one who doesn’t do the work up front when it counts?!

A Recruiter that doesn’t do the work up front (research, interviews, testing, reference interviews), and just fires off a resume to a Client wouldn’t last very long in the matchmaking business!

Why Use A Recruiter? Part 1 of 2

Quin Blake
Quin Blake
(647) 693-3078

A recruiter’s purpose is to match the right Candidate with the right position. Our job is to fill our Clients’ needs and find Candidates employment. Plain and simple, that’s what we do. How we go about it is what makes each day interesting and different from the next. Good recruiters are always looking for opportunities, whether it’s meeting someone at a networking function or sharing a story with a fellow onlooker at the dog park, we’re always open to discovering people’s employment needs.

Trying to find or fill a position can be a daunting task. Using a dependable recruiter can help to ease some of the pain involved in the process of either finding your next great opportunity or finding your next peak performing employee. Let’s discuss the benefits of using an efficient recruiter from both sides of the desk: the Client and the Candidate. This month we’ll look at it from the Client’s side and next month, the Candidate’s.

The Client

Wasting your time reading the “wrong” resumes?

Use a recruiter when you don’t have time to perform a search and hire on your own. Or you may have already tried and exhausted all your resources. Hired the wrong people, fired them and are starting all over again. Which most likely means, if you didn’t have time to do this in first place, you really don’t have time to do it now! Using a trustworthy recruiter will end up saving you time and money in the long run. They will take the time to understand what you require to successfully fill a position, assist you in creating an accurate job description and find someone who is going to love working for you.

I can’t speak for other recruiters, but in our company we already have a database of highly qualified people to pull from. Good recruiters also have a large network they can reach out to for Candidate referrals when needed and are capable of connecting with Candidates you might not be able to find. For example, initiating contact with a passive Candidate who really isn’t looking, but is open to hearing about new opportunities. A patient recruiter will sort through resumes and only send in the best, handle reference checks and prepare the Candidate for an interview to make your job as easy as saying, “you’re hired”.

At zenPeak, we spend time getting to know our Candidates up front. We meet face to face and take the time to learn who the person is behind the resume. This really helps us determine whether or not a Candidate will be a great match. We go through their resume with them and discuss their interests to ensure we have a good understanding of what they’re looking for. Our Candidates complete an emotional intelligence profile and assessment to help us determine if they have any risk factors and we perform structured reference check interviews. Gathering all of this information allows to us to send in the right people for the right position, successfully making the placement.

So, if you don’t have time to waste, get some help to grow your business faster.


Quin Blake
Recruitment Associate

(647) 693-3078

when you do it… everything gets easier

“We need to celebrate the candidate in the recruitment process”

After I circulated this article to the people working with me at zenPeak, it only took a few minutes for the excited comments to come back to me.

The zenPeak approach is to “Internalize Candidates”  It’s a fundamental part of our process and when you do it… everything gets easier.



How can we have such low fees… and still be awesome?

We have low fees by using a system that is efficient, up-front and high-value.

We can’t imagine working for weeks on a recruiting assignment on speculation;  rushing to send in the resumes of Candidates we may not have even met or fully screened, because the focus is on getting the placement, not recruiting a peak performer to help you grow a great business.

At zenPeak we recruit peak performers and the good news is… our fees are lower than any Executive Search Co. or Recruiter we have heard of!

Not only that – our system is front-loaded and high-compliance, so Clients don’t waste their time on reviewing all those unscreened resumes.

Here is one of our secrets… because we don’t work on assignments we don’t get paid for, and we are super efficient (while still high-compliance), our fees are low – that’s value (the businessperson’s perspective).

Call us if you are looking to hire really good people. If you are tired of being disappointed with the people you hire, or paying  ridiculous high fees to Recruiters, then…. consider a different approach where we do the work and you save time and money.

Frank Abrams 416 733-3001

The Mancession: Men are struggling to find jobs

“Create Your Own Opportunity”

unemployment by gender
unemployment by gender

Suze Orman shared some great insights on CNN last night about how men differ from women in looking for work. Male unemployment is significantly higher, and she attributes a few reasons.

(1) men look for a new job at their old salary level – women will take lower paying jobs to earn money

(2) women are paid less and thus employers save money by hiring women, and

(3) men turn job hunting into a full-time effort, or take time off, rather than settle for a lower paying job like women

The conventional modern wisdom was that you would have many jobs in your career vs. having a job for life. It looks like that is changing for men and women.The new reality is men may go from job to contract to partnership to contract to business to job to job. Today, don’t bet on one job after another.

Imagine going to an interview with loads of experience (most of which is quickly outdated) competing with someone younger and cheaper.

You will likely strike out.

Why? The interviewer knows that you will be chronically unhappy at a fraction of your previous pay. The person interviewing you  is likely to be closer in age to the younger and cheaper candidates. Union and Government jobs may be an exception.

So what is the answer?

The solution is to change your approach and by that I don’t mean buy a franchise or start a business. The new approach is to…

  • shed your pattern of job hunting and stop applying online for dozens of jobs. Spend your time each day on the 1 or 2 jobs in your “sweet spot”. Stop applying to those online jobs that aren’t 100% on target for you. And when you find a job that is a perfect fit, pick up the telephone and start calling the company to get an interview asap
  • stop going to job networking events, filled with other jobseekers – go to events every night and on weekends like special interest meetups etc. – anywhere that career or jobs IS NOT THE FOCUS. Never say “I’m looking for a job”  If the subject comes up, and you think you can help someone, or someone they know,  talk for a few seconds about… “What I Can Do For You” and then shutup.  Be in demand and be busy. and of course get enough contact info. for follow up.
  • build a unique “What I Can Do For You” resume for each opportunity follow up. see here
  • Learn how to “Create Your Own Opportunity”

“Mancession.” The term may spur a few smiles and snickers, but for thousands of men, it is no laughing matter. For the first time in economic history, the male unemployment rate has surpassed the female unemployment rate. The December 2008 unemployment rate for men was 7.9 percent, versus 6.4 percent for women. The U.S. economy lost 2.956 million jobs in the last year, and a full 82 percent of pink slips have been handed to male workers. This translates to more than two million unemployed men in America compared to about 460,000 jobless women. The worse news for men is that the gap in jobless rates between men and women has been increasing for the last eight months and may continue to do so. – Bright Horizons