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Why Use A Recruiter? Part 1 of 2

Quin Blake
Quin Blake
(647) 693-3078

A recruiter’s purpose is to match the right Candidate with the right position. Our job is to fill our Clients’ needs and find Candidates employment. Plain and simple, that’s what we do. How we go about it is what makes each day interesting and different from the next. Good recruiters are always looking for opportunities, whether it’s meeting someone at a networking function or sharing a story with a fellow onlooker at the dog park, we’re always open to discovering people’s employment needs.

Trying to find or fill a position can be a daunting task. Using a dependable recruiter can help to ease some of the pain involved in the process of either finding your next great opportunity or finding your next peak performing employee. Let’s discuss the benefits of using an efficient recruiter from both sides of the desk: the Client and the Candidate. This month we’ll look at it from the Client’s side and next month, the Candidate’s.

The Client

Wasting your time reading the “wrong” resumes?

Use a recruiter when you don’t have time to perform a search and hire on your own. Or you may have already tried and exhausted all your resources. Hired the wrong people, fired them and are starting all over again. Which most likely means, if you didn’t have time to do this in first place, you really don’t have time to do it now! Using a trustworthy recruiter will end up saving you time and money in the long run. They will take the time to understand what you require to successfully fill a position, assist you in creating an accurate job description and find someone who is going to love working for you.

I can’t speak for other recruiters, but in our company we already have a database of highly qualified people to pull from. Good recruiters also have a large network they can reach out to for Candidate referrals when needed and are capable of connecting with Candidates you might not be able to find. For example, initiating contact with a passive Candidate who really isn’t looking, but is open to hearing about new opportunities. A patient recruiter will sort through resumes and only send in the best, handle reference checks and prepare the Candidate for an interview to make your job as easy as saying, “you’re hired”.

At zenPeak, we spend time getting to know our Candidates up front. We meet face to face and take the time to learn who the person is behind the resume. This really helps us determine whether or not a Candidate will be a great match. We go through their resume with them and discuss their interests to ensure we have a good understanding of what they’re looking for. Our Candidates complete an emotional intelligence profile and assessment to help us determine if they have any risk factors and we perform structured reference check interviews. Gathering all of this information allows to us to send in the right people for the right position, successfully making the placement.

So, if you don’t have time to waste, get some help to grow your business faster.


Quin Blake
Recruitment Associate

(647) 693-3078

Growth Industry for the next 5 years… Search Engine Marketing

If you are looking for a great career path this is one of the best!

Coming out of this economic collapse, many Internet business processes and business models for small and mid-size business will take shape and REPLACE past efforts – In other words, bye-bye printed Yellow Pages AND bye-bye online Yellow Page type portals.

Proximity marketing (geo-marketing, location-based marketing) is going to be big as new applications using GPS or cellular location technologies empower mobile devices and PCs. This means that an SME operator, even with just one location, can spend her money reaching, engaging and transacting with her target market, without buying a yellow pages ad.

search budgets

It’s basic stuff, and it will drive the need for more talented people who can create and execute Search Marketing campaigns.

If you are looking for a great career path this is one of the best!