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Telephone Marketing – The High Road

We don`t need a study or focus group to tell us that traditional telephone marketing can be  offensive, and that canned scripts don`t work very well.

Hiring low paid offshore workers is short-sighted as the people these telephone marketers are calling, may be sitting at home grumbling about not having a job, because some offshore worker took it.

Also, having zero knowledge about the local marketplace (weather, geography, politics etc.) but being ready to HARD SELL is a strategy from 20 years ago and  before the era of Do Not Call lists. Recent News In Canada, Consumers and Customers usually have a deep history, or call it baggage,  with the major telcos who are the major users of telemarketers. Its no surprise that these offshore workers lose their cool after hearing hours of complaints and pushback every day.


zenPeak Telephone Marketing is for mainstream Canadian business to business only.

Our Telephone Marketing approach to business to business telephone marketing is simple. Have a compelling reason for the call and present it to a business prospect with respect. Learn about the offer and the company you are representing, before calling a business prospect,  and let the Client connect with an interested business prospect to go into details. This approach works in Canada, when the call originates in Canada and is made from a well-trained, confident, local person.

To reduce turnover, we pay marketers well, and on salary not commission, and only let them work a few hours a day so they are fresh and able to easily cope with the natural resistance and disinterest of some prospects. Coaching & training marketers on a daily basis helps them feel at ease and become better at what they do.

Lots of Career Paths in Mobile

Is 2012 the end of the world or just the advent of total dominance of mobile devices in our daily activities?

The revolution is underway but I’m not sure it will fully hit in 2012, maybe a bit later, but for career opportunities, the timing is now!

There is a school of thinking that we tend to overestimate short-term impacts of change, meaning 1 year, and underestimate long-term impacts meaning 10 years plus. If this is the case, after 10 years of broadband mobile at mainstream consumer pricing… your life will change big time. The Internet took 10 years from the mid-90s to shakeout weak businesses and weak business models, as broadband internet access became affordable and deliverable. It takes time, and this is a complex landscape.

According to While until recently the mobile apps market had been dominated by the mobile operator, now there is greater competition between handset companies, operators and application developers who are all wrestling for control of the users’ mobile experience – and their cash. As a result, there’s now fierce competition for domination of the mobile apps space.

Revealed: The apps you’ll have on your phone in 2012


1. Money transfer
2. Location-based services
3. Mobile search
4. Mobile browsing
5. Mobile health monitoring
6. Mobile payment
7. Near field communication services
8. Mobile advertising
9. Mobile instant messaging
10. Mobile music

Of particular interest to me, is the convergence of location-based technologies and solutions with all delivery channels inc. mobile. I look forward to some innovative uses of interaction that enhances consumer experiences as we are driving or moving about. Also the issues of privacy and security will continue to challenge the raw potential of location-based mass customization in marketing, content delivery, commerce and communications.

Pour yourself a hot toddy and reflect on…. “What I Can Do For You!” in this new mobile-centric world. Could this be a career path for you?

Location Based Marketing – gonna be big big big (and that means jobs)

Location Based Marketing is not flavor of the month technology. In fact it has been kicking around for years, and still there is a ways to go for the business side to solve the problems ranging from privacy to the profusion of platforms and devices.

Potential Gold Mine for Marketers
Potential Gold Mine for Marketers

The mainstream media inc. Business Week is all over it and you will be hearing more and more about companies making inroads getting traction and even making $.  Watch for companies that are not trying to “organize” the world but are leveraging existing content, user-generated content and offering light open-source solutions – ideal for rapid success.

I especially like this space having a strong interest in data-rich target marketing.

Skyhook Wireless
Skyhook Wireless

Check out skyhook wireless You can try out the location-based “loki” system right on their website.

Target Marketing: Are there job opportunities with mobile coupon companies?

In a recent NY Times article , a number of companies in the mobile coupon business were featured.  Although each is using different approaches and technologies, they all are based on the concept that a cellphone is a handy place to get a bargain.

Zavers promotes the business benefits of developing actionable marketing based on the data collected with their solution. This value proposition would apply to any data rich loyalty or couponing program.



8coupons describes themselves as a fun and easy way to save time, money, and trees by getting the best, up-to-the-minute deals on your phone”


I suspect that there are at least 100 other companies in this space contending to organize the retail or grocery industry, and perhaps collect a small toll along the way.

For job seekers, an opportunity exists to help companies like Zavers in a few ways; with their technology needs in developing their solutions, as a marketing analyst  for their value-added services, and in sales.