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the top 3 ways to spot a resume liar

over 53% of people lie on their resumes!

The resume. Fact or Fiction?

Here are the top 3 ways to discover if the person you are considering to hire is a resume liar.

These 3 ways are part of the process we use in recruiting.

Let’s go through a few of the steps we use.

EQ Testing & Assessment

Stress management, assertiveness skills, empathy, and political/social acumen are critical success factors that have a direct impact on the bottom line. These can be assessed in an Emotional Intelligence (EQ in the workplace) test profile. We use an online profile that was selected for measuring many competencies including integrity & trust. This same profile showcases how good someone is at promoting themselves & performing in an interview.

We conduct these EQ profiles on Candidates just before the first face to face interview with the Client. Each profile suggests that for a certain position, the Candidate can be low risk, medium risk or high risk. Although its not the sole factor in making a hiring decision, we don’t present high risk Candidates to our Clients.

  • testing confirms the Candidate’s motivation, attitude & compliance
  • testing identifies individuals who put their own needs ahead of the company’s interests
  • testing helps match the Candidate EQ to the competencies required for the specific job
  • testing determines if the individual will be great in the interview (but perhaps not great in the job)

There are still other ways to spot a resume liar.

Reference Checks

Maybe you don’t have access or training for EQ testing and assessment.

If you are trying to collect resumes and do the hiring yourself, DON’T MISS THIS STEP and don’t accept excuses from the job applicant for not delivering contact info. for references. “out of town”, “can’t get the telephone number”, “no longer at the company” – are these excuses?

You can discover a resume liar by doing a thorough reference check. We conduct scheduled & structured 20-30 minute telephone interviews.

  • we schedule formal structured reference interviews
  • we only use work references where the job Candidate directly worked for & reported to the reference OR the reference reported directly to the Candidate
  • no friends
  • no family
  • no co-workers
  • we use the results of the EQ profile to focus on issues or concerns
  • we verify the data provided; income, duration, responsibilities, results, capabilities, licenses, competencies

The Face to Face Interview

Some people are great in interviews. This doesn’t mean they will be good at their work.

They promote themselves well, and can show interest and excitement during an interview – but they could turn out to be duds at the job.

Integrity and trust are critical in every job. Do you want to hire a liar?

The face to face interview is an opportunity to get past first impressions, and dig into the facts about their past performance. Hopefully you are looking at a good functional-style resume which focuses on “What I Can Do For You” not absolutely everything I have done.

Its interview time. You have a resume in front of you, and sitting across from you is your job Candidate – What do you do to Spot a Resume Liar?

The face to face interview is a chance to match up the requirements for peak performance with specific questions that will verify competency, experience… essentially check out all the “claims” of a good resume. Ask the questions & make notes (you will need them for the reference checks)

  • read the resume in advance
  • be prepared with questions about anything you want related to the job and job performance
  • ask specific questions about “claims” on and off the resume, collect more information; income, commissions, bonuses, title, responsibilities, scope of work, duration, gaps in work (it is not unusual to find obvious “mistakes”)
  • ask questions and drill on experience & competency

The zenPeak system makes a difference

How does the up-front & high-value zenPeak system ensure that the Candidate will succeed in their new job at a Client company?

Candidates use (numeric) results-oriented functional style resumes that showcase “What They Can Do for You”. We remove soft language and showcase their transferable skills and experience.  This makes your evaluation of Candidates easier, as you don’t have to work hard to figure the Candidate out, and each resume looks similar in structure.

The interview process begins with the very first contact and includes motivation, compliance, attitude and a host of other factors that contribute to peak performance. In addition, the interview coaching we do, carries expectations and standards that we expect for interactions with our Clients; smart Candidates learn from this and apply it in their career management.

How do we make sure they will work well in the organization, matching the management and operational style of the Client company?

Our testing and assessment is based on the science of axiology, and was selected as the best system to determine integrity, trust and workplace peak performance. Each role has a benchmark score that helps us determine if the Candidate will be low risk, or not. The zeroriskHR assessment also identifies if a Candidate will likely be great in the job, but may not be the best at selling themselves in the initial interview. This is how the testing helps the Candidate even though they don’t see the results.

… and there is lots more; from reference interviews usually delivered before the first face to face with the Client, easy to understand profiles and success stories designed for time-constrained Decision-Makers like you.

Find out how the zenPeak system can save you a lot of money on recruiting costs and help you build a better organization with peak performers.  Call the CEO Frank Abrams at 416 733-3001

Peak Performers will love the new Scotiabank Executive Compensation scheme!

Peak Performers will love the new Scotiabank Executive Compensation scheme!

According to the Financial Post of May 20 2009, under the new compensation plan, investment bankers at ScotiaCapital will win in the long run if all stakeholders, including the bank and its shareholders, also win in the long run.

The Financial Post outlines the details, and asserts that there may be a rush for the exits if other Bay St. firm don’t head down the same path as ScotiaCapital.

While the world’s big financial institutions cope with stress tests (the Federal Reserve Stress Test guide is here) zenPeak has another thought…

Why not test staff for how they respond to stress with a comprehensive Emotional Intelligence profile from zenPeak?

It’s a proven methodology to discover the EQ and get some awareness on how someone will perform in their job. Take a look at the core competencies that bring peak performance on Bay St.!


Broker bails out on his position of trust

Marc Schrenker was picked up by police in a KOA campground today.  His alleged scheme to fake his death by calling in a distress message, and then parachuting to freedom out of his airplane didn’t work. He is alive to deal with some of the mess his life has become.

Apparently, he was involved in stealing commissions, but at this stage, maybe the kindest thing to do, until the facts emerge, is to say his life was unraveling. His wife had recently filed for divorce, and his father had just passed away.

Someone accustomed to $1,000 suits, private planes, fancy cars and club memberships, can often have a hard time when it all comes “crashing down”. Victims of the Madoff scandal have killed themselves out of despair.

How a person deals with these challenges and choices in the workplace is best understood with EQ testing and assessment, based on the science of axiology.

Luckily, Schrenker wasn’t hurt when he parachuted out, and no one on the ground was nearby when his plane landed in a swamp.

If a person, like Mr. Schrenker is alleged to be, had been EQ tested and assessed using the zerorisk system, prior to being hired, I believe they would have been identified as a poor fit for a position of trust, with a potential for theft and embezzlement.

– Frank Abrams is the founder of zenPeak Inc. , helping companies find and retain peak performers for high-trust and high-integrity positions.