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Telephone Marketing – The High Road

We don`t need a study or focus group to tell us that traditional telephone marketing can be  offensive, and that canned scripts don`t work very well.

Hiring low paid offshore workers is short-sighted as the people these telephone marketers are calling, may be sitting at home grumbling about not having a job, because some offshore worker took it.

Also, having zero knowledge about the local marketplace (weather, geography, politics etc.) but being ready to HARD SELL is a strategy from 20 years ago and  before the era of Do Not Call lists. Recent News In Canada, Consumers and Customers usually have a deep history, or call it baggage,  with the major telcos who are the major users of telemarketers. Its no surprise that these offshore workers lose their cool after hearing hours of complaints and pushback every day.


zenPeak Telephone Marketing is for mainstream Canadian business to business only.

Our Telephone Marketing approach to business to business telephone marketing is simple. Have a compelling reason for the call and present it to a business prospect with respect. Learn about the offer and the company you are representing, before calling a business prospect,  and let the Client connect with an interested business prospect to go into details. This approach works in Canada, when the call originates in Canada and is made from a well-trained, confident, local person.

To reduce turnover, we pay marketers well, and on salary not commission, and only let them work a few hours a day so they are fresh and able to easily cope with the natural resistance and disinterest of some prospects. Coaching & training marketers on a daily basis helps them feel at ease and become better at what they do.

Frank Abrams


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