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Tell your story & stay out of the “Museum of Bad Resumes”

There should be a “Museum of Bad Resumes” with a special section for the ones that are filled with BS. More than 1/2 of resumes have false information.

I’ve looked at a lot of bad resumes, and as technology advances us away from ever licking a stamp and mailing off a printed resume again, the quality of resumes keeps slipping further. Why is that?

# 1 reason.

It’s too easy to apply for a job online. Jobseekers fire off the same resume to hundreds of jobs a week. No research, no customization, no follow up. Hey – want a tip to get noticed, summon up the courage to call the company and ask if they got your resume. You might get transferred to the Hiring Manager! You won’t be able to do a follow up telephone call if you are wasting time applying for loads of jobs you aren’t suited for.

Beyond the negative of easy online applications, think about what you are trying to do with a resume.

Do you treat your resume as a document, that tells your story, and matches up with all of your verbal and written communications; all designed to get in the door for an interview? OR as an overloaded encyclopedia of “everything I have ever done”?

Here is the easiest, and least stressful approach to finding work opportunities, applying, and then getting through the process of getting interviews and then job offers. Tell your story.

Does your story fit with the job opportunity? When you think of “What I Can Do For You” and the job opportunity, do you feel confident that you can deliver? It doesn’t matter if you did it 5 years ago – you can do it again.

Tell your story each step of the way.

Craft a resume with numeric results and focus, that makes it easy to figure you out.

Next, when you apply for jobs, research and customize for the opportunity. Don’t make a Hiring Manager work hard!

Develop success stories that will help you through both telephone and face to face interviews.

Get good at telling your story AND applying for jobs.

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Frank Abrams