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The One Minute Rule

Frank Abrams
Frank Abrams
(416) 733-3001
email: fabrams@zenpeak.com
twitter: @zenpeak

Have you ever heard about the 5 second rule? You drop some toast or maybe a bagel on the floor and you have 5 seconds to pick it up or else its literally “toast” and it goes into the garbage. I would toss it, or open the back door and let the squirrels or a bird benefit from my mistake.

But here is a rule that works for me. The One Minute Rule. Every day I get calls from people looking for a job. (They are doing the smart thing and picking up the telephone.) They are taking a hard step and picking up the phone looking for work, or asking about a specific job posting.

More often than not, I don’t have a job for them at that moment. But, I try and listen for a minute and steer them in a useful direction. Telling them to send in their resume, and have they thought about “this or that”. Its only a minute on the phone, but it starts the connection off and… you never know!?

Yesterday I got a call and the person took a few seconds to thank me. Why? They have been looking for 5 months and no one talks to them; its almost all online job applications with little human interaction. I understand that. This is why I’m in this business, in the way that I am. If we can help just one person and change their lives, we’ve done a good job.

So for us, The One Minute Rule on the phone is being polite, not brushing someone off, listening and suggesting a next step. When we spend that time, we may be talking to a star Candidate for the 1st time; someone who a Client can hire to help grow their business.  Its in our best interest too!

I guess the The One Minute Rule also should apply when we call a Senior Executive at a company or organization about a great Candidate. You never know how much that Candidate could help them and their business!?

Everyone feels better with just a minute of authentic listening and conversation.Let’s try and pick someone up if they’ve fallen. Forget just 5 seconds “sorry no can’t help you”, but lets put the One Minute Rule into action and help them.

one minute rule
The One Minute Rule applies to people…
(not bagels or toast)


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Frank Abrams

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