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The Top 3 Ways to Catch a Resume Liar #1

resume liar

Aliya Janson<br />(647) 799-1167<br />aliya.zenpeak@gmail.com
Aliya Janson
(647) 799-1167

Part 1
EQ Testing and Assessment

It is becoming more and more apparent that job candidates are telling tall tales on their resume. Whether it is an over exaggeration of skills, fudging of dates, playing up their past experiences or outright lying, resume liars are becoming more blatant and are frequently slipping by the screening process and occupying a desk, and more importantly a paycheck in your organization.

Here are some surprising statistics that may astound you and maybe prompt you to start thinking about the truthfulness of Candidates that you’ve recently hired:

  • 53% of all job applications contain inaccurate information.
  • In a survey conducted by CareerBuilder.com, 49% of the 3,100 hiring managers surveyed had caught a job applicant fabricating some part of his/her resume.
  • 34% of all application forms contain outright lies about experience, education, and ability to perform essential functions on the job.
  • 9% of job applicants falsely claimed they had a college degree, listed false employers, or identified jobs that didn’t exist.

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So, what are the ways to spot a resume liar?

Here at zenPeak we pride ourselves in our screening processes and in the amount of time and meticulous detail we spend on each Candidate.

Part 1 EQ Testing and Assessment

The zenPeak system uses an emotional intelligence competency-based assessment test that provides a legally reviewed, behavioral interview guide to assist in identifying and selecting peak performers for the position. *This program has proven to increase retention in Client companies by as much as 70 percent! (Source: http://www.zeroriskhr.com/).  This testing and assessments based on EQ and the science of axiology, measures many competencies including integrity & trust. This same profile showcases how good someone is at promoting themselves & performing in an interview, and is a great way of identifying resume liars.

A Candidate that scores high on emotional intelligence can communicate effectively, successfully handle changes and their own impulses, are much better at problem solving, and are capable of using humor to build rapport in stressful situations. These Candidates also show attributes of empathy, optimism and are excellent at negotiations which are qualities needed for optimizing sales, and increasing customer satisfaction in an organization. These characters are ideal for a successful Candidate as it separates top performers from weak performers in the workplace.

zenPeak tests for the following competencies to assess the emotional intelligence in our candidates that we will presecnt to our Clients:

  • Intuition and Empathy – awareness and understanding of others, which is critical in the workplace for team building, customer service and development of staff. This testing confirms the Candidate’s motivation, attitude & compliance
  • Political Acumen and Social Skills – ability to influence others, which is critical in the workplace for persuasion and negotiation skills in sales, clear communication, introducing change management and processes, team building and conflict resolution
  • Personal Competencies—awareness of one’s own strengths, characteristics and personality, which is critical in the workplace for understanding the impact one has on staff and clients, internalizing one’s own limitations and assets and increasing self-confidence
  • Self Regulation – managing one’s own strengths and impulses, which is critical in the workplace for maintaining self-control, increasing accountability and adaptability to various situations and changes to processes
  • Self Expectations & Motivation – emotional inclinations in setting and reaching goals, which is critical in the workplace as it shows how a candidate strives for excellence in themselves, reflects their work ethic, shows initiatives in projects and overall optimistic demeanor. This testing identifies individuals who put their own needs ahead of the company’s interests.

zenPeak conducts these EQ profiles on Candidates just before the first face to face interview with the Client. The testing will help to match the Candidate EQ to the competencies required for a specific job and will determine if the Candidate will excel in the interview, (but perhaps will not be suitable for the job). Each profile suggests that for a certain position, the Candidate can be low risk, medium risk or high risk. These risk factors are highly weighted in our screening process, as we would never present high risk candidates to our Clients.

EQ makes a difference

EQ testing is one of the ways to identify a resume liar as their scores will show their real characteristics and personality and how they would adapt and react in certain situations.

Aliya Janson
Recruitment Associate
647 799-1167

part 2 Reference Check Interview

part 3 Face to Face Interview

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Aliya Janson

Aliya’s strongest point is her ability to effectively listen and communicate, which helps her build relationships and trust with her Clients and Candidates. Business Focus: Senior Executive, IT, Software, Engineering, Health, Pharma

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