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Waking up with Munchkin

(a personal story)

Munchkin is a little 11 year-old white poodle.

The story begins with my mother-in-law Oshie, her live-in caregiver Bing, and my wife Bonnie. Up at the retirement residence where Oshie and Bing live, Munchkin lived for many years with another resident. Bing helped out by walking Munchkin and taking her outside to do her business. It was the only time the dog left the apartment, except when Bing took Munchkin to the vet.

Bing holding Munchkin
Bing with Munchkin

When the other resident was being packed up to leave the residence, Bing took Munchkin in for a few days so she would be out of the way. Wow there was new excitement for Oshie and Bing! It was apparent for awhile that Munchkin needed an “owner” who could look after her, but as things went, the offer to take care of Munchkin was declined, and everyone said their goodbyes. Bye Bye Munchkin!

As it happens, Bonnie has a strange hobby of checking out Petfinder. Usually its to find a live-in partner for our own dog Quincee. Why? I’m not quite sure, maybe so I will have 2 dogs to walk, and Quincee will have non-stop entertainment. Sounds good in theory, but I’ve never been sure that Quincee is the kind of dog that would like that. We’re always looking at pictures of dogs needing a new home; little dogs, big dogs, dogs that “nip” just a little, dogs with health issues and on and on. We’ve tried a few times to adopt another dog, but it never went through, and it seemed like it just wasn’t meant to be.

Quincee at the dog park
Quincee at the dog park

After the experience of Munchkin’s short stay with Oshie, Bonnie was back on Petfinder! and wouldn’t you know it — within a week  of Munchkin leaving the residence… There she was. Up for adoption!

Bonnie contacted Carol at Happy Tails Rescue and asked is that Munchkin? We love Munchkin! We want Munchkin!

We all thought this would be a great thing for Oshie and Bing. Having a dog around like Munchkin brings fun and activities. Oshie doesn’t remember names, and is very quiet these days.

When Carol at Happy Tails Rescue heard the story behind Munchkin, Bing and Oshie, and saw some pictures of the happy group, it was only a matter of days before Munchkin walked back into the residence with a spring in her step, happy to be home again in a place she knew. To hear Oshie say “Cmon Munchkin, let’s go” is truly remarkable since she doesn’t remember names.

A special thank you to Carol and Sue from Happy Tails  who did a great job doing what’s best for little Munchkin!


Frank Abrams
I’m still only walking one dog 🙂

Bonnie, Munchkin and Bing
osh 1
Oshie with Munchkin “Cmon Munchkin!”
osh 2
Oshie with Munchkin “nap time”












Profile photo of Frank Abrams

Frank Abrams


Bobbie C

Hi Frank, and family,
I was so happy to see this story about Munchkin, and where she is going to be spending the rest of her days. Although I knew the story, hearing it from you put it all together for me. Seeing the wonderful pictures helped too!!!
I am the Happy Tails Foster mom, who Munchkin stayed with, in between her previous owner, and your mother-in-law. She was such a joy to have here! Being a rescue, it isn’t often that we get well adjusted, healthy dogs, with no issues. Even a few days on the streets, or with animal services can be traumatic. Munchkin walked into my home, and after the initial surprise of being greeted by my toy poodle, and 2 shihtzu’s, she quickly established the fact that she wished to be a diva. That was not a problem, as long as she understood that my poodle was also a diva. It was a fun filled week, with Munchkin learning the ways of a pack. She was amazing!!!. She did get a bit of extra consideration due to her age, but she is an amazing dog for an 11 yr old. My female shihtzu is 13, and is quite agile for her age.
Anyway, I just wanted to say how happy I am that she went back to a place, and people she knew. It was a good thing she left when she did. I have a soft spot for poodles!!! I know you will all get loads of enjoyment from her, and it is so sweet that she brought a little spark to Oshie.
Take care!

Profile photo of Frank Abrams
Frank Abrams

Hi Bobbie – I’ll pass your note on to Bonnie so she will get filled in on your work as Munchkin’s foster family. Thanks for taking the time to post a comment! Keep up the good work!

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