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What is your job search mindset?

There are different Candidate “mindsets” around getting a Hiring Manager to offer you an interview.

One is “I could be really good in the job, and if they just gave me a chance, they would see” This mindset is usually accompanied by a resume that is generic, and not customized to the opportunity. Very often the Candidate lacks the experience or training to do the job. They are hopeful for a lucky break. True, miracles happen, but when 1,000 resumes clog the inbox of the Hiring Manager, there is usually an automated system filtering out this resume. If the resume gets past the computer, and is eyeballed by a person, it usually is rejected.

Another mindset is built around improving your statistical chances of getting the interview. It involves more working and less hoping.  First is to focus on jobs you see posted, or opportunities you create for yourself, that you are perfectly suited to do, based on work experience, education, training etc. I’ve done this before, and I can do it again”. Then match that focus to the resume which should scream!… “What I Can Do For You”, with results and no soft language.


Susan Adams from Forbes repeats much of the same advice repeated in our webpages and blog posts, such as… preparing for the question “Tell Me About Yourself”.

When Anita Attridge worked in human resources at Merck and Xerox, she frequently kicked off job interviews with a standard request: Tell me about yourself. A striking number of applicants couldn’t answer her coherently. “You’d get everything from, ‘Where do you want me to start?’ to their whole life story,” says Attridge, who is now a coach with The Five O’Clock Club, a career counseling firm.

Our advice to answer “Tell Me About Yourself” is easy, if you have the working mindset. Here you will see our 1,2,3 approach of: (1) a bit of info about YOU, then (2) your PASSION (which should be the match to the job) and finally (3) your excitement about the OPPORTUNITY.

So before you do anything about getting a job, think about your mindset first!

EXTRA THOUGHTS: Is zenPeak a “bespoke” Executive Search Agency? If bespoke means quality, yes, but… if it means old-fashioned then for the most part, no. Our approach to Executive Search is to confine our efforts to only those senior Candidates working at the leadership level. To help the rest, we post up other job opportunities for many local, hidden positions, in Toronto GTA and Ontario, then circulate the jobs through our mobile job ALERTs app – definitely a modern take on HR.

On the other hand, When it comes to building relationships with Clients and Senior Candidates, in an Executive Search assignment, then maybe we are a just a little bit old-fashioned – we put down the smartphone and meet face to face!

Frank Abrams