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3 S resume new
  • Customizing the resume for a specific opportunity shows authentic interest.
  • The 3 Second Resume displays Candidate’s competence, clarity and focus.
  • This resume style can be quickly customized for different opportunities.
  • Helps overcome confusion from chronological presentation.
  • The Client doesn’t have to work hard to “figure out” the Candidate.
  • Reduces the focus on local experience.
  • Candidate can showcase achievements from “page 2”.
  • Highlights transferable skills & experience.
  • Concentrates on “What I Can Do For You” … not on everything Candidate has done.

Get the resume & Get the job interview!

“I need to fix my resume”. We’ve heard that thousands of times.

You don’t need to fix it anymore. We can get it done for you.

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Get that fantastic resume!

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Tell someone in just 3 seconds… “What I Can Do For You”

You can choose from Approved Resume Writers who will write the 3 Second Resume for you. They will quote a fixed price and bid in advance to write the resume for you. They don’t get paid, until we check it, to make sure the resume they deliver to you, conforms to the 3 Second Resume standards.

Candidate Comments:

Some Comments from a LiveJournal thread.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you once again for arranging a professional discussion which was value-added.” — S.C.(candidate)

“helped me to rework my resume in ways I had never considered. Thanks” — W.H.M. (candidate)

I once again would like to thank for the session and all your advice. I updated my profiles on Workopolis & Monster with the ‘repaired’ resume and already received 3 interviews, within just 5 days. That’s fantastic! You can use it as a testimonial — D.A.

Thanks for your caring and support and I owe you big time ( I won’t forget). H.Z.

“I’ve decided to write you a small note, thanking you for your help. I enjoyed being evaluated by you; you are an excellent “teacher” and have inspired me to continue looking for a job and learning with an open and positive mind. I send my revised resume to you and want you to know that over 20 agents reviewed my resume after I posted the new resume on-line. I appreciate all your hard work, it’s meant so much to me.” — S.J. (candidate)

“Resume, Career Advice.  I would like to thank Frank Abrams, director of the  zenPeak Recruiting for spending  an hour of time in providing me with career and professional  employment advice, support,  and skilled information.
I believe Mr. Abrams’s  top notch advice has changed my job search 180 degrees,  and will aid me in focusing on a smarter approach in the challenging  job search, as well as reaching the best job and employer to match my skill set and experience.
Thank you Frank.” — M.F

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