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Worried about Privacy? OK… we’ll call you “Lucky”

zenPeak limits the data we collect about you, while at the same time being totally committed to giving you information and offers that are relevant to you. How is that possible? Even while technology has accelerated the capabilities for target marketing, it has also rendered old marketing approaches useless. Some of the data, such as street address, used in the past is virtually useless in a digital world.

We love technology & target marketing, but we love privacy more!

Does zenPeak need your name? Yes and No. We need your name on a resume obviously. Your resume is stored as a searchable document – when we are looking to match someone to an opportunity – your name doesn’t help us with matching. We don’t use your name.

We need a first and last name to setup a user in our system. But,  it wouldn’t matter to us if you used a nickname for your first name. Call yourself “Lucky” or name yourself after a piece of fruit or a vegetable.

Does zenPeak need your street address? No. Even if we had your street address, any marketing benefit from knowing which postal walk you are in, would assume you are similar to your immediate neighbors. Bad assumption right?

Does zenPeak need your home telephone number? No. We are never going to call you unless we want to talk about a work opportunity. and in that case, we’ll get whatever phone number you put on your resume.

If we don’t collect the information then we can’t share it, and no one can steal it!

What do we need in the zenPeak system? To get started … not much information at all.

An email so we can reach you. We verify the email and you can change it whenever you want. A mobile tel # to reach you. In addition, we’d like to know what stage you are at, in your career, and the kinds of occupations of interest to you, so we don’t waste your time.

As you build your profile with us, you may upload your resume. We ask for your postal code so we can direct relevant local Job Alerts & local offers to you. (in the zenPeak Job Alerts you can change your location to anywhere you like to see local results)

 some additional thoughts about privacy from CSO online


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