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Your Resume STINKS!

If you paid someone to write it for you… ask for your money BACK!

Queleigh Boyd
(647) 692-1588

Your resume is one of the most important pieces of your job search puzzle.  Your resume is your first impression, your calling card, it’s you on paper. Does your resume stink?

If you are part of the majority you probably have a chronological resume.  It is generic and you can hand it out to the masses.  You haven’t really put the time into your resume to sell yourself as the right fit for the job you are applying for and it reeks of the usual soft meaningless language.

Employers and Hiring Managers have hundreds of resumes to look through so how do you stand out from all the rest?  The answer is simple.  When a employer is looking through a stack of resumes they don’t want to see what you have done; they want to see within seconds….. what you can do for them.

How can you get across all the details of your career history so quickly?  Use a 3-second “What I Can Do For You” resume

3 sec resume

Start with a powerful tagline which outlines your skills and experience in a short, catchy opening phrase.  This tagline should not only reflect your own skills but make sure it also reflects how these skills are going to be beneficial for the job you are applying for.

Once you have their attention; you want to sell your best achievements.   Look at your whole work history and come up with 2 or 3 “buckets” of your best skills and fill those buckets with examples of your successes and show how those successes will benefit the company.

A bucket can be anything that showcases your skills and experience such as sales, marketing, technical achievements, customer service, additional training or courses, this is for you to narrow down to show what best sells you to the employer reading your resume.

Once you have your bucket ideas give each bucket a headline to grab the reader’s attention and follow up without using soft language to show your successes and back it up with numbers!

This sounds daunting and a natural reaction is “But my job doesn’t have numbers!”

The truth is all jobs have numbers.  The best numbers show how much your contributions have improved the company in some way – ie What you can do for them!

·         50% increase in sales, or client satisfaction, or efficiency etc

·         70% reduction of waste, or overtime, or production time

If you are not able to honestly apply these statistics then what facts and numbers do you have that are concrete?

·         managed a team of 35 people

·         worked in a 5 Billion Dollar Company

·         managed a budget of 100K annually

·         delivered product under budget and ahead of schedule

·         2010 Top Salesperson Award

Find what applies to you.  Once you have your numbers and achievements outlined under eye-catching headlines backed with hard numbers and achievements you will have the employers attention!

It is at this point they will WANT to know more about you and they will WANT to continue to read, this is where your old standard chronological resume begins, outlining work experience and training which show what you have accomplished, when and where.  Just tighten this part up, remove soft language and don’t be overly repetitive.

A couple other do’s and don’ts to keep in mind as you pull it all together:

·         Keep it looking professional

·         Use easy to read fonts

·         Keep font sizes and variety to a minimum

·         Don’t over format – keep it simple and professional

·         Use a professional sounding e-mail

·         Ensure there are no typos, misinformation and definitely no lies!


top 3 ways


Now take a sniff of that resume.. that’s the sweet smell of opportunity just waiting for you!


Queleigh Boyd
Recruitment Associate
Profile photo of Queleigh Boyd

Queleigh Boyd


Paul Copcutt

Wondering if the bigger question is why use a resume at all if you want to stand out?

The resume only has real value when it is tailored to a specific role. Before that you are trying too hard to make it a catch all. Better to have alternative career marketing documents that open doors first.

The resume has not changed since Leonardo da Vinci wrote his 500 years ago, perhaps with advances in all other areas we should be championing a change here too.

Just my toonies worth

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